Managing a Video Production with an iPad

Check out my new course on – Managing a Video Production with an iPad.

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I’m sure you already know there are a ton of apps available for iPad and Android for video production. Sure, there are a lot of camera apps, but I’m talking about apps that are focused on other specializations. There are lots of great apps for the working videographer. There are tools for pre-production and planning. There are apps that replace some of the on set tools – slates, teleprompters, etc.

This course is very personal for me. It’s built around a workflow that I developed as a Producer and Assistant Director on several low-budget and no-budget video projects. This is a paper-free Assistant Director’s workflow using iPad apps. I use a handful of the best apps to create shot lists, make a shooting schedule, run the schedule during the shoot day, create call sheets, run a teleprompter, slate shots, and collect talent releases.

I’ve had a lot of success with this workflow. I can show up on set carrying nothing but an iPad and know that I can keep the crew organized and keep the shoot running on schedule. I hope you’ll check it out.

Some of the apps featured in this course:

Special thanks goes out to the developers who created Shot Lister, Movie Slate, Teleprompt+, and Easy Release for their generous help and support as I put this course together.


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