Up and Running with Nook on lynda.com

I’ve got another new course on lynda.com – Up and Running with Nook.

Watch the course intro for Up and Running with Nook


If you’ve never tried an e-reader, these things are awesome. You should check out the e-ink based readers like the Nook Glowlight and the Kindle Paperwhite. A backlit screen that looks and feels exactly like paper. It’s such a pleasurable experience reading on a screen that doesn’t burn light into your eyes like a computer or an iPad. It feels like you’re back to reading physical books again. Plus, you can have thousands of books in your library, all accessible from a single e-reader device.

In this course, I’ll get you up and running with the Nook Glowlight. The Glowlight ties into the Barnes & Noble book store, of course, where you can buy from a huge library of books. But, you’re not limited to that. In this course, I also show you how to download free books for a Nook as well as PDF files. If you’re thinking of picking up a Nook, or if you’re looking to learn a little more about the Nook you have, check this course out.


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