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Up and Running with Android Wear on

The new Android Wear watches are here and I’ve got everything you need to get setup with Up and Running with Android Wear.

Watch the course introduction for Up and Running with Android Wear


Smart watches are about to hit big. There have been some smart watches on the market for a few years. But, Android Wear introduces a native Android OS watch that is completely integrated with Android phones and tablets. These watches bring alerts, voice control, and much more to your wrist.

Check out this course on to see how to get everything set up and to learn the essentials of the watch’s interface. You’ll also see how the Android watches interact with third party apps. It’s a short course, but it’s packed with everything you need to get up and running with Android Wear.


Up and Running with Kindle

My second course on e-readers has released on This time, we’re going to get Up and Running with Kindle.

Watch the course intro for Up and Running with Kindle


If you’re new to the world of e-readers, you should check this one out. Amazon’s Kindle is a very popular option. This course covers several Kindle models – the standard Kindle, the Paperwhite, and the Kindle Fire tablets. If you don’t have an e-reader, this course may help you decide which one you want. If you have a Kindle, the course will help you get set up and will introduce some tricks you might not know about. I hope you’ll take a look.