at CES 2015


I went to CES 2015 with two other authors – Garrick Chow and Jess Stratton. We saw lots of fun technology, toys and gadgets. There were lots of exciting new things and lots of pointless ideas. We wrote up some of our favorite finds at CES for the Article Center.

Check out our first part, written by me for smart credit cards, solar panels and batteries for mobile devices, a great smart watch, and an Android set-top box and gaming system.

Part 1 – Article

Part 1 – Video

Part 2 comes from Jess Stratton, featuring home automation solutions and great atmospheric lighting gadgets for the home.

Part 2 – Article

Part 2 – Video

In part 3, Garrick Chow talks about fitness trackers, and gadgets that are built from similar technology as fitness trackers. He also looks at more home automation and a wireless smart baby thermometer.

Part 3 – Article

Part 3 – Video


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