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It’s been a very busy year for me on Instead of linking every one of my courses individually here, I think it’s better to provide one link to all of my courses on

Click here to see my constantly-growing list of courses. I cover topics like OS X, Windows 10, Android and iOS devices, Microsoft Word, and more.

Your comments and questions are welcome here on this site. I just won’t be making a post for every course anymore.

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  1. Nick,

    Thanks for your IOS 9 course on It helped provide a few useful tips and productivity aids. I was wondering what software you used to capture the IOS screens (onto Windows or Mac?). I am using Reflector 2 (2.5) on Windows, but it is very finicky. Also, did you do your taps and swipes (your yellow circles) in post-editing, or was there a way you recorded that directly using some cool other IOS mirroring app? Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

    • I can’t share with you all of the internal production methods we use at The yellow circles for taps are done in post-production. Generally, for recording an iOS device, Reflector is great and Quicktime will do it as well (if you’re using a Mac). I published a video on this topic. On, check out “Monday Productivity Pointers”. Scroll to October 2015 and you’ll see a video titled “Recording a video of an iPhone or iPad screen.”

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